I am very happy to announce that yes, Virginia, I do have credit in the IMDB. Somehow this snuck by me. This project, “For Better For Worse” is a short that I helped produce (in several ways) some time back, but it didn’t seem to be going anywhere for awhile, so I wasn’t paying too close attention and lost track as I went on to produce Dark Cloud. (Graphic novel, not film, so Dark Cloud wouldn’t be listed in the IMDB – yet.)

Now that it’s out and has IMDB credit, I feel a bit like Steve Martin jumping up and down in his film ‘The Jerk’, exclaiming, “The new phone books are here!” (He’s listed, so that means he actually exists and he’s so happy for it.) Well, when it come to IMDB, as inaccurate as the database is, it DOES mean you are part of the club. You have demonstrated that you will get off your tail end and get things done, are a team player, and have at least some grasp of how to make things happen in the Entertainment Industry. a.k.a ‘The Industry’. <big grin> That certification helps you get in the door so much better than if you can’t point to track record at all.

Here are a couple of the IMDB links to the project:

Here’s the cover art:

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