Written Works

Dark Cloud

Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Type: Feature Length Screenplay
Logline: In a post-apocalyptic world, a young woman with a mysterious connection to the land steps forward to confront an evil, militaristic despot.

A Graphic Novel adaptation for this project is currently in production. Why did I pursue that? Because I want a feature length film out of this project, and in Hollywood, it doesn’t matter how good looking a person is, how great their story, or how talented they are. If you can’t point to a fan base and guarantee rear ends in the seats, then no one is going to put money behind your project. So I’m starting with the Graphic Novel first, for both marketing purposes, and to start building a fan base. From there the ultimate goal is get at least one feature length film, if not a film franchise. Personally? I think it’s the next Road Warrior / Terminator combo hit wonder, so we will see…

This project has it’s own website at DarkCloudOnline.com

Other Works

Coming soon… I’ve written them. I just haven’t put them up on my website yet.

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