BA, University of Colorado at Boulder, Psychology, Anthropology, Classical Civilization (Evolution of Civilization)
Computer Science Engineering, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Clerical / Administrative Assistant skills, Barnes Business College, Denver

That’s just my official education. I’m very self-taught, and could test out to get degrees in other fields as well. I just don’t bother because, “What am I going to do with a degree in Egyptology? My focus is elsewhere.” Things like that… I know that I know, and that’s what matters. I do very well as the intellectual sparing partner for a retired Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology, so there’s your proof in the pudding right there.

Computer Languages: Perl, C, Fortran, Visual Basic, Basic, Pascal, Cobol
Human Languages: English (primary), Spanish (semi-fluent), Gift for Mirroring Accents, Glossolalia (I’m aware that the phenomenon is not a real language.)


Belly Dancing to Contemporary Western Music (Techno, for example)
Herbalism: Always creating health and beauty products. That includes 3 perfumes, very effective anti-wrinkle cream (for the husband), body butter, very effective pain rub (one person I gave it to told his doctor he didn’t need shots for the pain anymore!), and leave-in Hair Treatment (detangler, conditioner; like Armor All for the hair.) General Healing Herbalism practiced too.

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