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This is my official website for general info about me. My current biggest project is listed under the Written Works tab. Basically, I want to get a feature length film out of a character (s) and whole world I created many years ago. Before you laugh, be aware that I network quite a bit in the Film Industry, especially L.A., and have contacts to over 100 Producers and Directors alone. (I swear, I consume networking like Rocket Fuel! I just have to go network to get my ‘Fix’. There’s a real thrill in meeting new people!) I’ve written the screenplay for the first film, and am currently rolling around ideas for the second story. I’d actually like a film franchise out of what I’ve created, but that will come. Right now I’m producing the Graphic Novel based on the script, with a collaborator in L.A. (Here’s a shout-out to Jared! LoadedBarrelStudios.com He’s a neat guy to work with.)

So why am I doing a Graphic Novel first? Because this is something ‘new’, and Hollywood hates ‘new’. It doesn’t matter how good looking you are, how talented, or how good your story is. If you can’t point to a fan base and people who will pretty much be guaranteed to show up and watch your film, then nobody is going to put money behind it. So the Graphic Novel is for the purposes of marketing and building a fan base, but also for showing people, virtually in crayon, what it is that I’ve created. It seems that with just a script, everything is in black and white, words on a page, and I found that a lot of people weren’t getting the depth of what I’ve created. I’m going to make it as simple for them as possible… That’s actually needed in this business, because everyone is moving so fast! I’m also willing to take the risk and put money towards this, because I feel it’s really good. No one else wants to take the risk? That’s fine. Especially in this business you really can’t expect people to flock to something unknown. I have it within my power to be the one to take the risk, so I will do so.

Before I dove in to creating the Graphic Novel, I still got a lot of feedback that said, “This is GOOD!” (Well, that’s how people outside the industry would react when they read the script.) People inside the industry? “That sounds like fun! Go for it!” It tells me that what I have, has potential. That’s all I need…

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