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When I listen to music, I can’t help but think of ideas for Music Videos. What’s listed here hasn’t been produced. I just don’t have time to develop everything that I think of! But I can make a note of them and share them with you. Listen to the music provided in these links, and see if you don’t visualize what I talk about in the description…

Jungle Sorceress

Genre: Fiction (?)
Set to ‘Lalitha Ashotram’ by Craig Pruess & Ananda (Audio Junkies & Sahar Z Remix)
Logline: Jack is a down-on-his-luck ‘Indiana Jones’ type who hires out his guide services to a woman who seems to be hiding a secret. She wants him to guide her into a part of the Central American jungle where she claims something “important” is – though she also claims she’s never been there. Soon Jack begins to wonder: Although seemingly refined and demure, just how thin is the veneer of civilization that she wears? Soon enough, though, he must deal with his own fear at coming face to face with a totally alien culture – in all it’s power.

Alt: The sorceress Ariadne has journeyed far to the temple of the Goddess, seeking a coveted artifact. (A la the temple at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) In the walls of the temple live bio-luminescent life-forms that she must interact with. She dusts herself down with a powder they will respond to, then engages in dance (based on a belly-dance style, but think some Frank Frazetta thrown in.) The life-forms respond to her movement, throwing patterns of light across the temple walls that trigger movement of the features therein, revealing the artifact that she seeks.

Another Idea: Moving through the temple is a bit like going through tests of the soul, as in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Interactions are with Egyptian entities. At the final test, she dances for Osiris, who is very pleased with her dance and grants her what she came for. He then indicates that she is to return to the Land of the Living via the Solar Boat of Ra. The Solar Boat pauses at the horizon at dawn to drop her off, then continues it’s journey across the sky, Ariadne now back in the Land of the Living.

One evening, listening to this song, I just spontaneously broke into dance, then noticed my husband watching me. I began to dance towards him, somewhat like a Conan the Barbarian Sorceress / Frank Frazetta type, weaving him into my spell. He watched me for a few minutes and then nodded his head solemnly. “You may immediately have the head of John the Baptist,” he said. That just made my whole week. =) Especially because I was a little overweight at the time.

Tech Wars

Genre: Sci-Fi
Set to ‘Encode’ by Binaryh
Logline: It is the 26th century. A lone commando survives the last bloody battle between Human and Machine. Her mission? To destroy the last mainframe that will not abide by a Human / A.I. peace accord. First she must fly a gauntlet of defensive anti-aircraft guns to even arrive at her destination. Then she faces booby-traps and high-tech security barriers within the structure itself, before she can establish a computer interface and trick the machine into initiating a self-destruct sequence, aided by a little C4.

There’s more to this; ideas of human and AI/tech working together, versus AI that doesn’t want it. I don’t want to elaborate here, but contact me if you’re interested in hearing what I’ve developed further.

The Long Sojourne

Genre: Historical Fiction
Set to ‘Adiemus Songs of the Sanctuary – Adiemus’
Synopsis: A young Polynesian woman survives a vicious attack on her island home by mysterious invaders, the likes of which they have never seen before. Following the clues left in ancient song, she turns her one-person proa to the open ocean, reading the signs in the stars, ocean, and sky, following them like a roadmap, in search of the maritime warrior people who are sworn to defend from just such invaders. The only problem? There has been no contact in living memory. Are they still there? She must brave the waves and the open ocean to find out.

The twist? She finds out that the key to fighting these invaders lies within herself; that her strength is key.

Of course, if Disney did this adaptation, every time she lifted her paddle to take another stroke, there’d be 3 frogs sitting on it, singing along. =)

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